New Site

Posted 03/01/19 #site #news

Behold! I've finally set up zola on my personal website. Now hopefully I can have a better solution than messes of hand-written HTML laying all over the place.

We use zola at ACM UMN for our website and for the minnehack websites, so I'm somewhat familiar with it. We've been using it there since it was gutenberg, actually. It's a neat tool, and it gets a recommendation from me.

I've actually preserved a lot of the messy hand-written HTML (my resume and the Actionwriter article) in the new world order. It was pretty smooth, actually. I just dropped those existing folders into the public folder in my zola setup. For the actionwriter article I created a "dummy" post so that it would show up in the listings.

The CSS on this site is mostly stolen from, with a few modifications of my own. It's one of those things that I've been copying forward between projects for a while now :P.

Hopefully having an actual static site generator will mean I will write more...