About Me & Contact Info

I'm a CS student at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities, CSE). I'm also pursuing a minor in Philosophy and a minor in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine.

I'm doing work with the MELT group there currently. I am sysadmin-emeritus of the ACM chapter there. I've taken a leave of absence from coursework during the pandemic.

I'm involved with BSA Troop 187 as an adult Scouter. I am an Eagle Scout. Troop 187 is an open and affirming troop and has welcomed LGBTQ+ members and leaders since long before BSA National.

In my spare time I like (live) music, cycling, reading (mostly SF,) canoeing, infrastructure, and camping.

Email: louis@goessling.com (or louisg@umn.edu).

Services: GitHub, Keybase, LinkedIn. I am louisg on Freenode. I am KF0CGO on the air.

GPG key fingerprint: D351 334F 0334 9C3B 8D99 4780 6156 C7B5 BA78 9EA7. You can send encrypted email to my normal address(es).

SSH key SHA256 fingerprint: Nbt3OHwV+QByUjfRAjiCXlQ4nK7l+XPEc4d+ATCVCBI.

Signal contact information available upon request.

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